Privately owned man-made lakes with the prime purpose of irrigating hundreds of hectares of rice lands, it serves as a demonstration farm of the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA) of Japan in Southern Philippines which is concerned with environmental conservation of the area.  It is located nine kilometers from the city proper and southwest of the verdant mountain chain of Mt. Kanlaon in Brgy.  Lumapao, approximately 400 meters above sea level with the advantage of year round coolness.  

The farm has turned the rocky slopes into three manmade lakes which are ideal for swimming with added gardens of sun canopy covered with vine roses or climbing ornamental flowering plants that corridors the landscape of lush green vegetation and refreshing the park for picnic and camping.  OISCA garden has cottages and training center for workshops of students and workers preparatory for fieldwork courses in Japan.

The site, with its bridge shed in the north lagoon and garden seats, is ideal for vacationers and sightseers who can view from the hilltop of hardwood line trees the eye-catching vistas of the valley - Canlaon City Southwest and in San Carlos City, Sipaway Island of the Taņon Strait to the east.
 Balete Tree
 Mt. Kanlaon
 Sudlon Falls
 Makawiwili Ridge
 Padudusan Natural Slide
 INLAND Resort
 Rice Terraces
 Vegetable Farm